• What is FANFIT?

    FANFIT is an opportunity to challenge your fitness level alongside Olympians and aspiring Olympians. Test your speed, power, agility, core strength, and endurance on multiple Olympic training tests. This is your fun “Team Canada” tryout in a day. As a bonus, your registration supports the Canadian Olympic Foundation and our young leaders in sport.

  • Our Mission

    We want all Canadians (and the world) to be resilient, positive, energized, and to achieve personal triumphs. We will build a bridge between the public and athletes and the Olympic movement to make this happen. Through our original events series, top level content, and additional fitness and motivational opportunities we can help change the way people think and feel! Ultimately, we want to help people adopt a healthier, active and more athletic lifestyle (mentally and physically).

  • Our Values

    We celebrate athletes, fitness, sport, and everyone who makes an effort to embrace fitness.

    We want to share elements of resilience, triumph, and positivity/energy with our followers, event participants, and audience. We sincerely value an inclusive atmosphere, where people of varying abilities are able to participate without intimidation.

    Through the execution of our FANFIT live events,  our digital content- we hope that FANFIT will resonate with you. Our business is directly connected to our mission; succeeding as a company means helping you feel succeed as well. 

Our Partners